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I have decided to spend the time and to translate to the English language this history of our campaign. Can you want to read it. To me helped the best program - translator "X-TRANSLATOR GOLD". A thank to its authors, for that that they pull together the people better, than many politics men. If you liked this history write to me the letter, and I will translated on the English language of other histories about our campaigns.

To read in Russian.                                    Прочитать на русском языке.

Campaign on two catamarans "Albatross" by a northwest part of lake Ladoga.

27.05.2003 We arrived to small town Priozersk with two our catamarans on a roof of the automobile " Volga GAS - 24 ". Approximately two hours have collected our catamarans. After, we had slightly dinner, and on old tradition have drunk in half glasses of vodka " for success of our campaign ".

The Finnish tourists have helped us to push away catamarans from coast. Eugeny has dropped a camera in water. Olympus in cost 200 $ as a stone has sunk.

Ladoga has met a medium-sized wave with not a strong wind of a northwest direction. At three silent navigation with speed approximately 7 kmh. We have achieved southern coast Verkkosaari island. We have bypassed island on the right, have found coast suitable for parking ours catamarans. On island the skeleton of a metal vessel, obviously pre-war construction was. The sun fell to horizon, and to time for the detailed review of island did not remain, it was necessary to install a camp.

28.05.2003 Morning the wind has appreciablly, was freshened and has changed a direction, the beginnings to blow from northeast. In 14 kms to the east from a place of our camp be located island Vossikansari , we have agreed to go there.
island VossikansaariSail of brothers Gavrilov's is cut out and tailored better mine and consequently they could go sharper rate to a wind. It was necessary to me a little turn to the south. Eventually, the distance between ours catamarans began one kilometer, and excitement was such, that from time to time hid them catamaran and a sail up to half of mast. I have made the decision to change a tack to pass a little to the north, and then to change a rate on former. The catamaran did not want to change a tack through a wind. I have decided to make " cow overshtage ". It was the big mistake. In such strong wind it was necessary to take reeves, and even to remove staksel, and then to maneuver. But I was sure in durability mine catamaran though has warned Eugeny, that now can "turn us upwards by stomach". In result the average section of a mast was bent as an arch and the mast has fallen forward, having torn a deck. We began to drift in a southern direction with speed of 5 kmh. A bit later us have caught up Gavrilovs and have taken on a tow. Have started the engine which coughing and sneezing but nevertheless did the business. The wind has a little more amplified also we have decided to go to group of islands which seem closer to us. So we have got on archipelago Hejnjasenma.

On a photo: we go on a tow to archipelago Hejnjasenmaa after failure.



Have quickly examined one of islands and have found out marks of radiating danger. In a zone of the established marks the grass and trees had obviously ill kind. Hastily it was necessary to leave convenient parking and to get over on other, western island of archipelago.

We have arranged camp. All islands of archipelago have made on us oppressing impression., a barbed wire, fragments broken off in pieces military machines and sad, ill is yellow - a brown wood.

On a photo: the typical landscape of one archipelago from islands.



29.05.2003 Have repaired a mast, we leave the Infected Islands. We try to head for island Rahmansari, but the wind and rather strong excitement goes to us in face. To all of us to become clearly, that expedition to gulf Papienniemensel'kia was broke. We change a rate for a return rate, and a bit later we moor to island Sel'kamar'jansari. We are landed on the coast filled up with large cobble-stones and we gather on council. Have drunk on hundred gramme of vodka. Then we make a decision to go in gulf Naismery, to find there a place for camp and to engage in fishing. Have passed 8 kms we have stopped on island Lakiasari. This small island became our base other days of a campaign.

foto: The camp in gulf  Naismery.

Three days we caught a different fish, lesch, small fry and the perch, gramme on 500 - 700. Cooked to an "uha" (Russian fish soup, is cooked at a reservoir from the caught fish.), smoked a fish, had a rest. Have returned in Priozersk June, 2. Temperature +3, a very cold wind. Once again it was necessary to spend the night on a coast. As I have frozen! 
But it already absolutely other history...

All photos of this campaign are here.

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